Business Law

If you are thinking of starting , purchasing, expanding or selling a business, we offer objective and experienced needs-based advice to help you avoid the pitfalls and maximize your investment throughout the transaction. We want to be your outside business counsel and are available for consultation on all issues, including the appropriate type of business formation, personnel, capitalization, liability, insurance coverage, governmental compliance, partnership/shareholder agreements etc during the startup, growth and sale or dissolution of your business.


In these difficult economic times, you need sound, objective and compassionate counsel. We have over twenty five years of experience counseling individuals and businesses who require debt consolidation, reorganization or debt relief. We work closely with debt counselors to avoid the need for filings, if possible, but will explain the protections offered under the US Bankruptcy Code and represent you or your business through a Chapter 7, 11 or 13 filing, if necessary. Bankruptcy has been used throughout history as a means to relieve the debt burdens of hard working citizens and to bring sound businesses back to a productive life - we will be your advocate and assist you through this difficult process with dignity, discretion, compassion and support.

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning and Administration

There has never been a more important time to organize your affairs in order to assure that your intentions are carried out during and after you depart this life. We will analyze your assets, liabilities and intentions and suggest an Estate Plan that provides for the cost-effective disposition of your assets as you desire after careful review of potential tax impacts, applicable state and federal laws related to your bequests and will provide testamentary and inter vivos trusts, if appropriate, to assure that your intentions are carried out. Along with this Estate Planning, we will propose appropriate Powers of Attorney to allow others to manage your business decisions should you become unable to do so and a Medical Directive which will inform your medical professionals as to the level of care that you desire should you be unable to communicate this. These are critically important for those persons who are married, civil union or domestic partners. All of these activities will provide the peace of mind you deserve in ensuring that your affairs are always in order.

If you or a loved one have had to shoulder the responsibilities of administering an estate, you have probably felt tremendous anxiety at a time when you could least afford the emotional toll that they bear; we have been helping families and business partners plan for and administer estates for over 25 years and work closely with financial planners, accountants and business consultants to ease that burden and minimize the anxiety and disruption that these unfortunate circumstances provide. Let us be your personal and business attorney to structure your affairs and alleviate the burden on your loved ones and partners.

Civil Litigation

If you have been injured in an auto accident, work-related accident or as a result of negligence, you need a strong and experienced advocate on your side. As a result of two decades of civil litigation experience, our firm will protect your rights, advance your cause and keep your interests always at the center of its efforts to further your rights and provide a maximum recovery in accordance with the law. You will be respected as an individual and not a number at our firm- we will offer objective assessments of the matter, but you will determine the course of the litigation in accordance with your goals.

Our firm also handles Chancery and all Civil Litigation arising from business operations, business separations, requests for emergent injunctive relief and family services, including adoption. Life sometimes requires a prompt response to protect your livelihood, investments and loved ones - we are here to provide the legal expertise to accomplish these important tasks.

Real Estate

The Real Estate Market has been volatile in recent years and we address the needs of our clients through the boom and bust of the marketplace; whether you are a first-time commercial or residential buyer, planning on refinancing your existing mortgage, selling your home or commercial property or looking to develop it, our capable staff of paralegals and attorneys will guide you through the process with the knowledgeable personal attention and timely contacts that you deserve. Our professionals have deep experience in acquisitions, engineering issues, site plan, survey and zoning considerations and the permitting necessary for the use of your property. Many Realtors and other professionals refer their clients to us because of the personal attention and prompt services we offer - let us be your hometown real estate law firm.

Municipal Law

Our firm provides Special Counsel services to a variety of municipal clients and offers insightful, effective representation to individuals and businesses who are applicants before Municipal Zoning or Planning Boards, Governing Bodies and state and local Development Review Agencies. If you are unsure about the process to secure an Alcoholic Beverage Control License, Development Permit, Mercantile License, Business Registration Certificate, Public Bidding qualifications, DEP or any other governmental permitting, our experienced professionals can provide a cost-effective route to securing your goals.